Analyze and report to your managers

An Essential way to record your financial transactions, analyze and report to your managers for better decision making.

General Ledger

The core of a powerful Integrated ERP system. This module provides immediate access to all the critical financial information required for decision making.

  • Flexible chart of accounts, which supports automatic accounts coding and unlimited levels of accounts.
  • Flexible chart of Cost Centers which supports unlimited levels.
  • Supports multi currencies.
  • Ease of entering journal entries.
  • Supports Main financial Reports: Statement of Account, Trial Balance, Income statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Provide Many Reports and charts for accounts and cost centers.
  • Supports Customized financial statements.
  • Transactions from accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and journal entries all come together to give a complete vision about the financial state of company.
  • Ability to fully manage journals posting.

Payable and Receivable Notes

Manage paid cash to vendors and received cash from clients, control different status of payable and receivable notes, record different expenses and revenue notes, and also transfer money between drawers and banks.

  • Record company drawers and its open balances.
  • Record  company bank accounts and its open balance.
  • Record paid and received cash.
  • Trace payable and receivable notes and notify users for notes due date.
  • Transfer money between drawers and bank accounts.
  • Register different expenses and revenues of company.
  • Aging reports, cash flow and company expenses.

Fixed Assets

Information and tools necessary to manage your assets’ financial data and reporting.

  • Divide assets into different groups.
  • Easily and accurately track an asset’s purchasing and depreciation history, access related documents, view journal postings and more.
  • Maintain the fixed assets description card and depreciation details.
  • Detailed asset profile provides complete depreciation history to assist with asset retirement management.
  • Supports standard depreciation methods such as Straight Line Depreciation Method and Declining Balance Depreciation Method.
  • Automatic links to ERP financial module, and enables calculated depreciation entries to be posted directly to the general ledger.
  • Calculates depreciation on a monthly or annual basis or for specific period.