Inventory Management, Purchasing and Selling Operations

LinkIT Provide a Networking and Rich-Reporting Solution for Inventory Management, Stock Control, Purchasing and Selling Operations.


  • Items management.
  • Re-Order alerts according to Min, Max and Reorder Level.
  • Items Barcode, Expire Date, Batch Number, Item Measurements and Matrix.
  • Assembling and Disassembling Items.
  • Cost Methods (FIFO, LIFO and Average cost).


  • Vendors, Price Lists, Balance, Payment terms and tax rules.
  •  Purchase Orders and Follow up Reports.
  • Item’s Last Purchase Price.


  • Customers, Payment Terms and Job Orders.
  • Customers’ quotes, Sales Orders and Job Orders.
  • Customers Balance and Alerts when Debit limits exceeded.

Other Features

  • Connecting With Different Branches.
  • User Rights Access and Privileges.
  • Different UOM for the same Item.
  • On-Click Stocktaking.
  • Ratio and Fixed Taxes.
  • A Wide Set of Reports and Charts.