Application Manages your Laboratory

Your Customers Expect Comprehensive and Accurate Services and Results. Expect The Same From Your Lab Information System.

LinkIT Lab is a Networking, Flexible and Customizable Application that Manages your Laboratory Operations , with a Built-in Lab Tests and the Ability to Connect with Different Lab Devices.

Dynamic & Customization

Define Different types of tests, Reference Ranges according to Age and Gender, Test Printing Weight and UOM.


Standardize Your Lab Orders with their respective ICD 10 Codes, Create your Own Codes to Facilitate Operations on Common Lab Tests.

Store Management

Control Materials In Store, Use Barcode in Purchasing, Stay Alerted with Store’s Current Status; Quantities and Expiry Dates.

Patient Files

Keep Records of Patients’ previous Test Results and Dates, Contact Information and Chronic Diseases.

Reporting & Exporting

A Wide Range of Financial, Summary, Store and Medical Reports, With Charts, That are Able to be Exported to Different Extensions; pdf, Excel, CSV and more

Insurance & Price List

Manage your Insurance Financial Claims, Create Different Price Lists for Different Patients and Insurance Companies and Control Credit Limits.


Assign User Right Access and Privileges to Control All Aspects of Operations in your Lab to Insure Consistency and Accuracy.


LinkIT Lab Supports Different Languages, So Simply Switch to Your Preferred Language.


Create your Backup Plan to Backup All your Data Periodically and Stay Protected Against Potential Failures.